'L. Condoms' Commercial Awesomely Defines 'A Good Man'

"Good men give a f**k."

That's the premise behind a new commercial for This Is L., a condom company with a focus on HIV/AIDS prevention in developing countries. (For every condom you purchase from L., a person in an at-risk area in a developing country receives one free.)

Their hilarious new ad, released on Valentine's Day, features a man engaged in manly pursuits in the woods as he prepares for a lady's late-night visit to his tent. As the voiceover explains, good guys are thoughtful when it comes to the protection they use, undistracted by macho ideals. A "good man," after bandaging an injured puppy's paw, picking flowers while drinking a scotch and preparing an exceedingly sexual snack plate, enthusiastically whips out a string of condoms (which are made with natural latex and are glycerin- and paraben-free).

"Good men know sex isn't about conquering women. It's about always making it worth her while."

While it probably takes more than philanthropic, additive-free condoms to make sex "worth her while," are least you'll know your lover is a do-gooder.



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