L Magazine Founder Daniel Stedman Shares His Favorite Things in Brooklyn


Back in 2003, Daniel Stedman founded The L Magazine with his brother, Scott, from a one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. From there, they launched a mini-empire, and today Daniel is co-owner and president of the Northside Media Group, which in addition to The L Magazine, publishes Brooklyn Magazine and runs the annual Northside Festival for music and film, along with other events in the borough. Daniel's also an accomplished filmmaker in his own right -- in short, he's a straight Brooklyn impresario, and one of a handful of people who have truly shaped the Brooklyn we know today.

But Stedman's first day in Brooklyn was an inauspicious one: After graduating from college, he and some friends began the search for a place to live in New York City. "We dropped a deposit on a tiny loft space in South Williamsburg on what turned out to be September 11," he says. The deal fell through, and it wasn't until nine months later that he finally staked his claim to Brooklyn, moving into an apartment in Red Hook.

It's been all uphill from there, and today Daniel is prepping for a move from his Brooklyn Heights apartment to a new brownstone in Prospect Heights with his wife, Kate, and their dog, Theo.