LA's Top Celebrity Real Estate Of 2011: Big, Bigger And Biggest

PHOTOS: This Year's Top Celebrity Real Estate

Welcome to the world of celebrity real estate, where unbelievable coastal and city views, waterfalls, and biometric-secured wine cellars seem to come de rigueur, and the homes are so big that sometimes only aerial photographs can do them justice.

But alas! This year -- more than any other -- proved that celebs, just like us, are subject to the highs and lows of the housing market. In 2011, stars listed and sold at a loss, consolidated and downsized, unloaded homes post-split, and even quit the city to settle in the 'burbs.

Who were the biggest names making the biggest moves in the Los Angeles real estate scene this year? Here's our year-in-review of celebrity homes.

Candy Spelling's Mansion: Asking Price Of $150 Million

Celeb Real Estate of the year

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