LA Condom Contest Crowns A Winner: 'Suit Up' (PHOTOS)

Los Angeles, meet your new official condom wrapper.

After receiving 500 designs and tallying up 185,000 votes, the county is ready to crown a winner: "Suit Up."


The stylish bowtie evokes AMC's "Mad Men" logo: a simple black graphic set against a white background and red text.

Adam Lyons, founder of West Hollywood-based design firm Pop The Pixel, submitted the winning entry.

Lyons moved from San Francisco to LA five years ago, and told the Zev Yaroslavsky blog, "Being part of the community is something I really want to uphold and maintain ... I’m incredibly happy to be part of LA."

Reuters points out that "Suit Up" is a catch phrase used by Neil Patrick Harris' character in CBS's "How I Met Your Mother." But Lyons told Reuters that his design doesn't have anything to do with the TV show. "I would say that Los Angeles is classy and sophisticated and refined, hence the bow tie," he explained.

On the company's Facebook page, he thanked judge Perez Hilton and everyone else who voted for choosing his design. He also notes that another design from Pop The Pixel came in as a sixth-place finalist.

The nine runners-up will receive $200 in various giftcards, and Lyons gets $750 in gift cards and a Toshiba 19-inch LED TV with built-in DVD. And, of course, bragging rights for life as LA's first-ever official condom designer.

Finalists In The LA County Condom Design Contest