LA Food Vendors Play the Rose Bowl

After the last LA Street Food Festival, I likened the street food scene in LA to a sold out rock concert. Well, what happens when a band sells out the Roxy? They embark on a their first stadium tour, which is exactly what Shawna Dawson and Sonja Rasula, the gals behind the LA Street Food Fest, are about to do.

With over 60 vendors in attendance, dishing out signature tastes to prepaid all-inclusive ticket holders, there is no need to attempt the Lawry's Beef Bowl beforehand. Bars onsite are wide open, with an extra tequila and mezcal tasting deck. In addition, the sounds of The Deadly Syndrome and Warpaint will be blasting to make you feel better about spilling hot sauce on your tee shirt.

After you've had your fill, you can cast a vote for the best of the best in the People's Choice category which will pit LA street food vendors against LA's brick and mortar dining legends for the first time in true Rose Bowl spirit.

The best part of this Rose Bowl visit? No packaged peanuts, expensive sodas and especially no hot dogs... well, maybe just one.