LA Gallery Tally: Calling For Gender Equity In The Art World

Calling For Gender Equity In The Art World
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Gender inequality is still alive and well in the art world. Understanding that numbers speak louder than words, artist Micol Hebron spearheaded a collaborative art project, tallying the number of male versus female artists represented by Los Angeles' top galleries.

Artists have turned the statistics into graphic posters that laud or chide galleries for the way they represents the sexes. The posters will be on display at Margin Release Right, curated by Kio Griffith for West LA College Art Gallery. The exhibition runs from October 14 to November 7. Watch out, art world; Hebron and her collaborators have already starting tallying statistics for several other cities, including New York.

Denise Johnson

Gallery Tally: Calling for Gender Equity in the Art World

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