'La Isla Presidencial' Keeps Venezuelans Laughing, Despite Contentious Politics (VIDEOS)

WATCH: La Isla Presidencial

Venezuela may well have the hemisphere’s most contentious politics, but this show keeps them laughing.

The Miami Herald published a report on “La Isla Presidencial” Monday, a welcome profile of one of the most hilarious satirical shows in the Americas.

Developed by Juan Andrés Ravell and Oswaldo Graziani, “La Isla Presidencial” pokes fun at Latin American heads of state. The premise of the show is that the hemisphere’s presidents, plus the king of Spain, were on a ship that capsized, leaving the leaders stranded on a desert island.

Egos collide as they try to figure their way off the island.

Venezuelan comedian Emilio Lovera does all the voices for the characters, including a pitch-perfect Hugo Chávez, a skillfully phrased portuñol for Lula da Silva, and an extremely whiney rendition of ex-President of Colombia Álvaro Uribe.

The show began in 2010, becoming an instant web sensation. The first episode has clocked up over 4.7 million views on YouTube. The creators also run a popular satirical blog called El Chigüire Bipolar, comparable to The Onion.

Of course, now that Hugo Chávez is ill with cancer and hasn’t been heard from since Dec. 11, the show is improving ways to deal with the loss of its main character.

We’re already three shows into a 10-show run this season. If you haven’t seen “La Isla Presidencial” yet, check out all the available episodes below (plus some bonus shorts).



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