LA Juice Bars: 10 Perfect Stores For Your 2013 Detox (PHOTOS)

This story comes to us courtesy of Refinery29.

Sure, we love our venti, sugar-free, double-shot, extra-hot Peppermint White Chocolate Mochas just as much as the next Angeleno, but we can't wait until the day that juice bars outnumber the chain coffee shops that litter our city streets. It's inevitable, really — between the yogis and the celebs, spots that offer up health-conscious drinks are quickly becoming more popular than Prius dealerships.

And, whether your resolution is to slim down or stay healthy, a go-to juice spot (and a little motivation) is the secret weapon that can keep you from derailing that diet. So, make 2013 the year of looser waistbands, more energy, and clearer skin — with a little help from these 16 juice bars. But, before you say sayonara to those hard-to-pronounce coffee-drinks, repeat after us: Apple Lemon Double Ginger. Because, honestly — just saying the name is half the battle!

LA's Best Juice Bars