Movie Theater Pranks ‘Moonlight’ Audience By Playing ‘La La Land’ Instead

How could they resist?


A London-based movie theater decided to spoof Sunday’s infamous Best Picture Oscar flub, in which the award was accidentally announced as “La La Land” rather than the actual winner, “Moonlight,” with a timely prank.

Once moviegoers were settled in for a sold-out screening of “Moonlight,” the Rio Cinema in England played about 20 seconds of “La La Land” instead, Time Out reports.

Thankfully, the audience got the joke and laughed and applauded rather than pelting parachutes filled with Red Vines and Junior Mints at the screen.

“It wasn’t the actual feature film, but a few seconds from a teaser trailer,” the manager of the theater told Time Out, ensuring that the fab opening number from the movie “La La Land” wasn’t spoiled for audience members who hadn’t seen the film. “Then we shut it down, and did a bit of fumbling to make it look like we made a mistake.”

Well played, chaps. Well played.

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