La La Land -- The Place, Not The Movie


I wrote a blog a week or so ago about La La Land, which was really about the movies and my moviegoing companions.

(Totally off subject ―  I’ve never been crazy about the word ‘blog’. I tend to think of my little essays as ‘episodes’ ― doesn’t that sound nicer? Like my brain is a little TV series, and I am sharing those brain cells one bit at a time.)

Anyway, back to the subject - At the end of my blog/episode, I wrote that I wanted to see the new movie, “La La Land” - because that’s where my husband always says I live.

I think he is right. I do live in La La Land. I like living here.

Because when you live in La La Land, Life is pretty nice.

In La La Land:

- You can trust people. Strangers will say hello. They’ll give you a hand if you need one. You needn’t be afraid of anyone.

- You don’t have to worry about folks cheating you. People selling you goods and services are only trying to make a living - the same as you.

- You don’t have to complain about stuff not being as good as it used to be. You have such an amazing array of stuff to choose from, you can always find something you like.  Take television for instance - you’ve got hundreds of choices - something might be to your taste. Or you can read, or surf the net, or listen to music, or talk to each other. And commercials don’t have to annoy you either. Because you know that ads are what’s paying for all that programming, and you can either watch them, or flip the channel, or just zone out. La La Land doesn’t mind if you zone out. La La Land gives you lots of time for zoning.

- In La La Land, compromise doesn’t mean you are giving up on your beliefs. You can hold your beliefs as close to your heart as ever, and still try to look for areas of agreement and concentrate on those.

- You can be happy for other people’s success. After all, they didn’t succeed at your expense. If a writer gets a publishing deal, does that mean you won’t? If a co-worker gets a raise, does that mean that you will never get one?  In La La Land, it means that there are raises and publishing deals out there - and perhaps one is for you.

- On the other hand, if someone does get something you will never have, you can be happy for them anyway. If you never had children, and you meet someone with a new baby, well, that’s truly wonderful for them. If you are sad because you have no children, you don’t wish everyone else to be sad as well. In La La Land, it’s nice that someone is spared the pain that has hurt you.

- Even here in La La Land, Life isn’t always fair. Some people have too much. Some people have too little. But in La La Land, there is no need to hate the lucky ones. They probably have their own troubles. And there is no reason to hate the unlucky ones either - those that may need help putting food on the table or getting medical care. Paying taxes so that other people’s lives are a little easier and so that kids can go to school is not so bad.

- In La La Land, even driving isn’t such a hassle. (Do people still use that word- hassle? Well, it doesn’t really matter because in La La Land, people don’t laugh at you for using the wrong word. They are happy to have nice conversations with nice people.) But back to driving. Other drivers are polite. They have their loved ones in the car - same as you. They want to get to their destinations quickly and safely - same as you. If someone is in the wrong lane, it is not an affront to you. You can feel bad for them. You smile and let them cut into your lane. They smile back. And it doesn’t cost you a thing.

- When people make a mistake, you don’t have to take it personally. It’s only an honest mistake. Everyone is doing the best they can, and sometimes they fall short. We all do once in a while.

- And because folks are trying their best, and we all know that we’re not perfect, apologizing and forgiving are easy things to do. (In this way, I guess La La Land is a bit like Canada.)

- And on those occasions where you do feel jealous, or you get angry with strangers - or worse - your loved ones, you don’t have to stay mad. You can just wipe the slate clean. You can do that every day. You can do that every minute if you need to. In La La Land, there is no limit to the number of tries you get. Or the number of times you forgive. Or are forgiven.

- You don’t have to worry about what you look like. And it’s not because looks don’t matter. Looks matter. But luckily, it’s easy in La La Land to see that everyone is beautiful.

This is La La Land.

I live here.

I like living here.

You can live here too.

The entrance to La La Land. My dog will show you the way.
The entrance to La La Land. My dog will show you the way.

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