Microsoft is Coming to LA!

This morning I met with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and I have some very exciting news to share: Los Angeles has been chosen as the host of the 2011 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference!

The conference is expected to attract up to 15,000 attendees to Los Angeles from all 50 states and more than 120 countries. With such a large attendance, we can expect to generate over 50,000 hotel room nights and over $45 million in revenue for Los Angeles--this is a big deal.

Hosting WPC is a major win for Los Angeles and an important boost for our local economy. Microsoft 2011 WPC will be the largest citywide convention in the history of Los Angeles and the perfect opportunity to showcase our world-class conference facilities, hotels, restaurants and entertainment.

We look forward to welcoming Microsoft and the 15,000 visitors from around the world to the City of Angeles in July 2011!

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