Lingerie Store La Perla Takes Down Dangerously Thin Mannequin

These Unhealthy Mannequins Have Got To Go

Another day, another retail controversy.

This time, it was the intimate apparel store La Perla that caused somewhat of an outrage, not with their products, but with the mannequins modeling them. In the store front of the New York location in SoHo, one of the inanimate models was pictured looking much thinner than the mannequins we're used to seeing -- with exposed rib cages and a slight concave dip between the chest and stomach areas.

The team over at La Perla responded within hours of the posted photo, mentioning that the mannequin in question will be removed, as well as others, as the brand is "redesigning all La Perla stores with a new concept image," Vogue UK reports.

New York seems to be the breeding place for out-of-the-ordinary store fronts. Earlier this year, American Apparel showcased mannequins with visible pubic hair at their East Houston Street location. And for the rest of the country? There are tattooed displays and ones with, yes, back fat.

What do you think of today's portrayal of mannequins?

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