LA Restaurant Health Code Violations Result In Temporary Closures

PHOTOS: 9 Nasty Restaurants Shut Down For Health Code Violations

A few of us were headed to Empress Pavilion for dim sum a couple of months ago when someone called the restaurant and got bad news; the place was closed all weekend for a "kitchen renovation," which seriously bummed us out and re-routed the party to a different downtown LA eatery.

But looking now at the LA County Department of Public Health's recently released list of recent health code violation closures, it turns out Empress Pavilion was temporarily shut down for "Imminent health hazard to public health or safety" and a "Vermin infestation." Yikes!

LA Weekly points out that the list of recent temporary closures mostly happened at restaurants in Gardena, San Gabriel Valley and Artesia, but vermin doesn't discriminate. Sewage problems, rats, insects and other restaurant scourges can flare up in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Venice and West Hollywood too.

Below are the nine most surprising restaurant closures from the past few months.

Benihana Beverly Hills

LA's Temporary Restaurant Closures 2012

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