LA Rx: Making Medicine Affordable for LA

Every day in Los Angeles, people are forced to choose between buying the prescription medications they need, and providing the basic necessities for themselves or their familes.

When I was in the Assembly, I fought hard to help alleviate the prescription drug crisis.

When I returned to the City as a Councilmember, I recognized that even though health care wasn't a function of the City, whatever the City had the power to do had to be done with speed and with urgency.

So in 2004, I asked on the Personnel Department to find a way that the City could provide all Angelenos with quality prescription drug benefits.

We partnered with Envision, a national pharmacy benefits company with a record of success implementing programs across the country.

And as a result of that effort, I announced this morning that, starting today, every major pharmacy in Los Angeles will give a 5 to 40 percent discount on the prescription medication people need to live a healthy life.

The LARx drug discount card is now available at local libraries, community centers, and soon, as part of your DWP water and electricity bill.

Here in Los Angeles, I hope that the LARx program helps make it easier for people to get the prescriptions they need.

Nobody should be forced to make the painful choice between their health and their happiness.

Because in the City of Angels, they deserve to have both.

Go to to sign up or learn more about the program.

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