Heart-Wrenching Video Illustrates Immigrant Experience (VIDEO)

As final boarding calls screech through airport speakers and tourists whiz by with overpacked luggages, many families embrace in tearful but inevitable good-byes with loved ones with no return trip home.

In a viral video titled “The Surprise: Dedicated To Everyone Who Is Far Away,” two Spanish immigrants capture the sorrow of the farewell but also the happiness of seeing their parents after moving to Mexico two and half years ago.

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Esther, 30, and Jorge, 34, embody the life of hundreds of young Spaniards who are forced to migrate due to the economic crisis in their country. Both moved from Valencia to Puerto Morelos, Mexico in search of employment.

“Finally we return. We want to dedicate this video to all who have left their country and have fought for change. And to experience the emotion of a mother when she gets to hug her son or daughter again,” the video’s narrator tells viewers.

As their month-long stay ends and the unavoidable farewell nears, the narrator's tone also changes and dedicates their “tears of pain” to “politicians, bankers and executives” who have made it impossible for them to have a future in their home country.

The two Spaniards returned to Mexico where Esther works in a luxury hotel and Jorge is a freelance videographer. The video ends with a reflection on what it means to leave your home in order to survive.

“Perhaps in the official census they appear as residents living abroad but they should be considered new exiles, the product of the blindness of our country.”



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