LA's Trayvon Martin Protest Photos Will Move You

The 5 Most Amazing Photos From Trayvon Protest

Parents of all races took to the streets in Los Angeles, Calif., over the weekend to protest the not guilty verdict handed to George Zimmerman.

But for the mothers and fathers of African American boys, the case hit especially close to home. Captured in photos by Getty photographer Robyn Beck, African American moms made protest signs about their own children, calling attention to what one columnist called an "open season on black boys."

"Is my son next?"

is my son next

"Are 1 of my 3 sons next?"

are one of my three sons next

In the next two photos, protestors from two different racial backgrounds hold signs decrying the unfair and unequal treatment they each face as a member of their race.

"What about my ground"

what about my ground

"No One Follows Me Anywhere"

no one follows me anywhere

Finally, in a sign that communities all over the nation have embraced Martin's face and fate, a street memorial for the teen grows in LA.

A street memorial for Trayvon Martin

street memorial

Check out more photos from Sunday's demonstration.

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