Lab Chimps See Sunlight For The First Time (VIDEO)

Tearjerker Alert: Lab Chimps See Sunlight For the First Time

If this doesn't make your eyes mist up a little, there might be something wrong with you.

RTL, a German television station, provided this tearjerking footage of lab chimps taking their first steps of freedom outdoors and into the sun.

It's in German, but we can gather that this was the first time the animals had ever been let loose in natural daylight.

Feel-good footage aside, the use of chimps in research has long been a hot-button issue.

A few months ago, 180 chimpanzees at a federal primate facility in New Mexico were the subject of a debate between the National Institutes of Health and animal-rights activists, who wanted the chimps to be released to a sanctuary where they could run free.

But no matter which side you're on, watching these animals is sure to leave you in a good mood.


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