News Anchor Caught Off Guard By Lab-Grown Vaginas: 'That Was A Tough Story For Me To Read' (VIDEO)

News Anchor WasExpecting This To Happen

A Chicago morning news team earned itself yet another gold star for awkwardness during a Friday segment on -- wait for it -- lab-grown vaginas.

WGN Morning News anchor Robin Baumgarten could barely hold it together during the segment about four teenage girls who successfully received the lab-grown organs and confessed at the end of the clip, "That was a tough story for me to read, I just want you to know that."

Baumgarten's colleagues, including co-anchor Larry Potash, wasted no time chiming in with the wisecracks.

"A coochie-coo? Is that better? Just say what it is, it's just biology," Potash said, adding, "I just did a story about the Wig and Penis."

Another anchor off-camera chimed in on the exchange: "Put your stories together and you'll have something going on!"

No stranger to off-the-wall moments that range from reporting on a fake plane crash to coining infamous phrases like "sweater stretchers" and "caboose pistol," WGN Morning News has pretty much cornered the market on hilariously awkward newscasts by now.

Don't ever change, WGN. Don't ever change.

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