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Labels in Our Societies: Chicken or the Egg?

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Sexual fluidity has been a topic hitting the headlines in recent weeks and it would seem is speaking of some type pending revolution in human behavior and our evolution as a species. Or is it? Or, are we as the species as we know ourselves to be today completing a cycle and hurtling towards the end of it?

I'd like at this point, to talk about labels, categorizing and our apparent need to place many things in our lives into boxes in order to understand them, and to then make decisions as to how we feel about who and what we place in boxes.

We, as humans wear a lot of hats during a lifetime and also during the course of the day. We are employees, employers, students, teachers, pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, passengers, men, women, comedians; the list goes on and on and on, seemingly forever. I question at what point did we feel the need to label everyone and everything? And is this a process that occurs as a result of nature or nurture?

I think about many pictures online I've seen in regards to the ongoing racism debate, and how there are many pictures of two babies, one black, and one white, and both are interacting with one another on a pure human to human form, presumably prior to adult behavioral programming occurs. This could also be described as a period where seemingly educated adults impose their judgements of others that they have accumulated during their lives onto their young.

"Don't talk to that child." "They are from the wrong side of the tracks, I don't want you playing with them." "They've got more money than us." Sound familiar?

Being human is just that. We are human beings, not human doings, which, thanks almost to the industrial revolution, which then gave birth to the technological revolution we have become. We all have essentially been assigned a role to play in this world we have created and are very much human doings, with an ever-increasing desire for being once again, as nature intended.

Say we decided to remove all labels that we have put on everyone and everything. You wake up tomorrow and you have no idea that someone who you knew as being gay yesterday is so, all you know is that they are a gender and their partner also is the same gender and all you feel is an overwhelming sense of love and connection between them (yes, labels again but just for the sake of an example). What if you were to leave this observation at that and just go about your existence as a being without giving it so much as a second thought? If at all a first one because you have a primal understanding of how the Universe works and have no desire to categorize things in order to exist.

Is this not the definition of Utopia? All beings, living things, be they plants or animals and everything in between co-existing on this gift we know as Earth. All working alone but yet together at the same time in harmony towards a common goal?

Who would even feel the need to decide that something about this world is not ok and then start to implement labels and systems as elements of control? Who gets to decide that their way of existing is somehow better than that of another and to then voice this and go on to build a framework as to how the community in which they exist should behave?

My philosophy in life is that providing no individual is deliberately inflicting harm on another, then what is wrong with beings ultimately doing what they desire? Is that not the fundamental law of life that sits at the base of the system we have built as humans in the modern day?

I sincerely hope that we have reached the end of a cycle and are commencing a new one and it is very much along the lines as what I've talked about here so far.

We've all been looking inwards for long enough now so perhaps it's time for us to look outside of ourselves again and look to how we can preserve our existence and enhance it for generations to come.