11 Simple Pleasures To Savor This Weekend

Rather than mourn the loss of summer this Labor Day weekend, we're taking a more positive approach: We're planning to savor every last drop of the season.

From its sweet produce to sandy adventures, summer, undoubtedly, offers something for everyone to love. Below are 11 things we're grateful to have enjoyed for these past few months -- and we'll be sure to find little ways to take our summer favorites with us into fall. Check them out, then tell us what you're savoring this weekend in the comments below.

The farmers market
farmers market

"Watermelon and white pants. Not at the same time though." watermelon


Tomatoes -- and more tomatoes.

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Refreshing runs along the lake

Grilling with family and friends

Icy treats

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Beach walks at dusk
beach walk


Camp fires
camp fires

Water sports