New TLC Show 'Labor Games' Quizzes Moms In The Delivery Room

Now You Can Compete On A Game Show While In Labor

Giving birth is such a breeze, most moms wish they could take on another task during labor -- like, competing on a game show.

At least, that's what you might assume from watching TLC's new quiz show, "Labor Games," which according to Variety, "takes the 'Cash Cab' formula to new heights by surprising couples in a hospital delivery room with the chance to win prizes for their baby-to-be."

TLC will offer a sneak preview of "Labor Games" on May 9, as part of a seven-day block of mom-themed programming titled "The Mother of All Weeks,” Variety reports. Pegged to the celebration of "Mother's Day," the thematic week is already earning the nickname "Shark Week for moms" or "Moms' Week."

While this all certainly seems like an April Fools joke, several casting call notices from earlier this year suggest that "Labor Games" is the real deal.

The description reads, "You would need to answer 7 questions and with each question you will receive great prizes such as a year supply of diapers, cleaning services. Win it all and you will take home a chunk of money put towards a college fund!"

Now, get ready to push!

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