'Mommy Blogger' Accused Of Poisoning Son Blames Child For His Own Death

An upstate New York mom accused of killing her 5-year-old son says the child may be responsible for his own death, according to prosecutors.

The Journal News reports that Lacey Spears told prosecutors her son, Garnett, could have put sodium chloride into his own feeding tube and that might have been what killed him in January at a hospital in Valhalla.

Spears who blogged about her son's health struggles was investigated earlier this year and charged with murder and manslaughter.

The Journal News also reports that investigators believe Spears poisoned Garnett repeatedly over the course of four days during trips to the hospital's bathroom.

In June, assistant District Attorney Doreen Lloyd said in court that Spears had also searched the Internet to study what effects large amounts of salt would have on the boy.

Earlier news reports said prosecutors might argue the case was an example of Munchhausen syndrome by proxy, a psychiatric disorder in which a parent sickens a child for sympathy.

Spears' lawyers filed a motion to have her confession suppressed because, they say, it was given involuntarily.



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