Laci Green Explains How Selfies Can Help Your Body Image

How Selfies Can Help Your Body Image

Ever since Oxford Dictionaries named "selfie" 2013's word of the year, there's been a lot of discussion about the true meaning behind taking such a photo. Laci Green, vlogger and peer sex educator, is here to put all of our selfie questions to rest -- once and for all.

"It seems like recently the internet and the world in general has their undies in a ginormous bundle about selfies," Green said in her latest Sex Positive video. "Is it narcissistic? Is it empowering? Is it self-absorbed? Is it banal? Is it feminist? Am I over-thinking this? Yes."

In her video, Green explains the selfie revolution as a "celebration of self." She argues that these photos allow people to define themselves in whatever way they feel most comfortable and beautiful. Green also discusses the larger importance of this selfie revolution:

We live in a society that has a very very narrow definition of beauty. It's unattainable to like 99.9 percent of the population. The selfie interferes with that dynamic. Suddenly people of all shapes and sizes and colors and abilities and gender expression are being seen. All of our bodies are visible in a world that only allowed us to see one type.

Green leaves her audience with a few tips to improve their self-esteem through selfies. Our favorite pieces of advice are to take pictures of yourself while doing something you love, and to take unflattering photos -- because no one looks good all the time, so you might as well own it.

But selfies or no selfies, Green concludes her video with one very important point: "Your physical body does not define your worth and value as a person."

We could not agree more.

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