Laci Green Reminds Us Why We All Need To Be Feminists

“I, Laci Green, am a feminist."

As sex positive vlogger Laci Green so deftly points out in her newest video, stepping out of the proverbial feminist closet can sometimes feel like a giant leap. Thankfully, Green nails the landing -- delivering an empowering and badass manifesto reminding us why being a feminist is not only important, but absolutely necessary.

In a video on her YouTube channel Sex+, Green lists plenty of good reasons to be a feminist, including the stigmatization of female pleasure when films with female orgasms are given harsher ratings than those portraying a man's. (Yes, it's a thing!) Not to mention street harassment ("because no it is not a f*cking compliment") and that fact that "people still say that asexual, bisexual and trans folk don't exist."

While Green's speech had our hearts racing with admiration, she issues one very sobering statistic to remind us how urgently we need other prominent voices to make it: "In 2013 there were over 700 bills proposed to regulate a woman's body.. and for men? The rightful number: zero."

Quick synopsis: "Feminism is both kick ass and super important."

Brava, Laci.



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