Family's Catchy 'Christmas Rap' Video Puts Regular Ol' Holiday Cards To Shame

Family's Catchy 'Christmas Rap' Video Puts Regular Ol' Holiday Cards To Shame

The family holiday card is a time-honored tradition. In recent years, some families have given their annual updates a more modern spin -- including the Lacking family of Los Angeles, California.

Instead of sending out a traditional Christmas card, the Lackings took a musical route for their annual update to friends and family. Dad Dion told The Huffington Post that they were inspired by the Holderness family's viral "Christmas Jammies" video from 2013.

Set to the music of the Black Eyed Peas' "Boom Boom Pow," "The Lacking Family Christmas Rap" video shows the family members taking turns rapping about some of their accomplishments from 2014. Eight-year-old Kaylee learned to ride a bike and jump rope. Dad Dion, who is a filmmaker and co-owns a production company called LackToast Entertainment, reached some major career milestones and also read the entire Bible.

Mom Dawnise went on a cruise in September and also managed to overcome her shyness to appear in the family rap video, Dion told The Huffington Post. And last but not least, in perhaps the cutest part of the video, Mom helps 3-year-old Kaydence tell us she started preschool this year and is loving her gymnastics classes.

"My absolutely favorite part of making this video was being able to finally do something with my entire family," the dad said. "I would like to see more parents making more memories with their children instead of buying gifts. Spend more time with your children instead of spending money this season."

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