Your Favorite Disney Fairy Tales Are Being Retold Through Classic Paintings

A Los Angeles art museum and Disney are teaming up to make your Snapchat live happily ever after.

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was an art museum called the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Inside its hallowed halls lived paintings and sculptures and drawings and all kinds of aesthetically stimulating stuff, culled from all corners of the world. And the museum, legend goes, had a killer Snapchat account. 

We’re feeling particularly #blessed this morning upon learning that LACMA is teaming up with Disney for a Snapchat collaboration called @OhMyDisney. The two cultural giants will, together, retell Disney’s most beloved tales, as visualized through works in LACMA’s collection. Wherever you are, fairy godmother, we thank you! 

The first iconic Disney reenactment, which took place on @LACMA and @OhMyDisney snapchats beginning October 19, was “Beauty and the Beast.” The beloved legend of Belle and her hairy beau was retold over the course of four Snapchat stories. A china teacup transformed into that lil cutie Chip, while an old-school clock came to life as the famously anxious timepiece Cogsworth, all thanks to a little thing called magic ― or rather, someone’s exceptional Snapchat doodling skills.

See some of the best moments from “Beauty and the Beast,” Snapchat style, below, and follow @LACMA and @OhMyDisney for all your future art historical fairy tale needs. Happy snapping! 



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