Ladies From the Shark Tank

When it comes to women running a business and a family, millions of ladies are making it happen with nothing more than pure ambition and hard work. But very few of those biz babes get the opportunity to appear on ABC's hit show, Shark Tank. Even fewer of those ladies actually walk back down that long, dark hallway with a deal in hand.

Jenny Greer and Erin Bickley of Macon, Georgia not only appeared in The Tank and got a first time partnership deal (with both lady sharks Barbara and Lori), they thrived shortly thereafter with their collection of products from their women's shape-wear business Hold Your Haunches.

At the time of their TV appearance, the ladies had a $165,000 sales year. Six short months after their appearance and partnership, they had one-and-a half million in sales and going strong.

Touching base with these amazing Georgia peaches is an inspirational story and a vision of what it looks like to go from real-life, struggling entrepreneur to successful momma CEOs seemingly overnight (but it wasn't that easy).

The first topic of discussion was around some of the struggles they faced, both now and then. Erin and Jenny said that "ignorance was bliss" for them. They really just started by seeing a need and jumping in, developing their first prototype. The lesson? Take one step, then another, then another. Just one at a time.

"The struggle wasn't really visible, we were busy getting things perfected like the marketing and building a brand," the duo said. In other words, they were deep in making things happen, one step at a time.

Post Shark Tank, Erin said that overnight the business really became a full time job which was tough, especially between with their respective husband's and kids' needs.

"We love the example that we're setting for our kids though, especially our daughters. You really can do anything if you try," both ladies agreed.

Business partnerships do sometimes crash and burn and some people get sick of each other or decide to go their separate ways. Both Jenny and Erin agreed that it's important to "make sure that you love the person because you're with them all of the time." Partnerships are totally possible, not easy all of the time, but possible.

They do love being around each other. They pointed out that their partnership has really gotten them through some of the hard times and that they've been a security blanket to each other in the more difficult stages. The partnership was an asset for them.

"I can't imagine doing this alone," They both agreed.

When asked about one piece of advice for other ambitious business mommas, the ladies chimed in saying, "There are things that are totally out of your control, just get things ready as much as you can. We've had server glitches before and things like that. Just tell the truth to your customers. What you put out comes back."

Excellent advice from two ladies continuing massive growth of their now successful business, a business we're sure to see a lot of in the years to come, and proof that anything is possible.

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