Lady Bunny Skewers 'Drag Race' Contestants In Madonna 'Vogue' Parody

She's done it again!

Look out queens -- drag legend Lady Bunny is coming for the contestants of "RuPaul's Drag Race" in true Bun-Bun fashion.

A searing and hilarious parody set to Madonna's classic "Vogue," "Drag Race Hoes" made its way onto the Internet this week. While the video -- a shady and brilliant music video that comes for some of the biggest names to ever emerge from the "Drag Race" franchise -- may seem like Bunny is being viscous, the legend emphasized that the video is, in her own twisted way, actually a salute to "Drag Race."

"RuPaul and I have been reading each other since we met in 1982 -- so this is meant to be catty, campy humor, not a condemnation of the show or it's contestants," Lady Bunny told The Huffington Post. "But I do find it funny that some of the queens are starting to be very cookie cutter with their looks. I completely reject drag as a uniform with make-up or padding rules we must adhere to, since drag should be about creativity -- not copycats."
And to top it all off, Bunny timed timed the release of the video for a very special occasion -- Ru's birthday!

Remember ladies -- shade is love, love is shade.

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