Lady Bunny's New Show Will Leave You Gagging, Blushing And Everything In Between

It's definitely not a show for the easily offended.
Lady Bunny currently stars in "Trans-jester," now playing in New York. 
Lady Bunny currently stars in "Trans-jester," now playing in New York. 

Drag legend Lady Bunny has a brand new show that's already so popular, its run had to be extended to accommodate the demand. 

Now playing at the historic Stonewall Inn in New York, "Trans-jester" is everything you'd expect from Bunny -- vulgar, hilarious, politically incorrect and in your face -- while still managing to remain valuable queer social commentary.

While Bunny isn't for everybody and her jokes will ruffle some feathers, her classic drag queen comedy hits home about the absurdity of much of the social and political climate of 2016.

“We’ve become so politically correct that they just made Dick Van Dyke change his name to Penis Von Lesbian,” Bunny joked in the press release for the show.

"Trans-jester" has been extended through May, running Mondays through Wednesdays at 7 p.m. Head here for tickets and information.

Want to read more about Lady Bunny? Check out her 2014 interview in the HuffPost Queer Voices series, "After Dark: NYC Nightlife Today and Days Past."



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