Proof That Lady Edith Is Actually A Badass

Sure, adoring "Downton Abbey" sisters Mary and Sybil (RIP) is easy. Mary is fiercely beautiful, while Sybil's free-spirited rebellion makes her irresistible.

Stuck in the middle with endless heartbreaks and battles with her sisters, Edith never gets any credit. But truth be told, Edith is a total badass.

Here's why:

Unlike her flawless sisters, Edith deals with rejection, insults and heartbreak. She's relatable -- the Liz Lemon of her time.
lady edith

She's got great insults ...
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... And is a pro at revenge. Did Lady Mary really think Edith would keep quiet about the fact that a Turkish guy died in her bed?
lady mary

She can drive a tractor ...

... And rocks a flapper dress.
flapper dress

Despite her parents thinking Edith will be "taking care of them in their old age," she imagines a different life for herself and goes after it.
edith driving

When everyone else is glaring at each other over dinner --looking at you, Lady Mary -- Edith diffuses the awkwardness with her great small talk skills.
small talk

She was jilted at the altar, but it only made her stronger.
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She was a feminist before it was cool ...
lady edith feminist

... And last we checked, she had her own column in a local newspaper.
edith newspaper column

Seriously, could Edith be more awesome?
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