Lady Gaga 20 Million Twitter Followers; Singer Reaches Social Media Milestone

Gaga's Twitter Milestone

When it comes to Hollywood's most Googled, Lady Gaga's search numbers haven't quite reached the heights of Justin Bieber's. But in the Twitter universe, Little Monsters trump Beliebers.

While Bieber likely broke a record for the most widespread social media message on his 18th birthday last week, it was Gaga who recently hit a Twitter milestone, surpassing 20 million followers. At the time this was written, Gaga counted 20,172,986 followers, and Bieber's totalled 18,135,643.

While Gaga is clearly the ultimate fame monster, other stars with impressive Twitter fan bases include Katy Perry (15,777,783 followers), Shakira (14,585,941) and Rihanna (14,524,959). President Obama, whose Google search volume has far surpassed that of Gaga, trails far behind the pop megastar on Twitter, with a mere 12,854,094 followers.

While Gaga has yet to comment on the record, we imagine her reaction will be similar to one that she posted last month:

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