Everyone Thinks This Is Lady Gaga's Character In 'American Horror Story'

She's out a-murde'ing.
Lady Gaga on Sept. 15.
Lady Gaga on Sept. 15.

American Horror Story: Roanope.

The sixth season of FX’s horror anthology is turning out to be one of its creepiest yet, thanks to an abundance of jump scares, bloody knives and spirits who put horrible thoughts in kids’ heads.

In the second episode, Matt and Shelby stupidly decide not to leave their obviously demonic house just because they’d lose their life savings, evidently more important than their actual lives. The police finally witness something strange on the property ― although you’d think they would already know the place was haunted due to (presumably) decades of weird goings-on. Lee’s young daughter, Flora, talks to a ghost who says she wants to make “the blood” stop and tries to strike a deal with someone named Priscilla. Priscilla, naturally, wants to kill the whole family.

Perhaps the strangest part of the whole episode, though, was Kathy Bates’ scene. As some kind of cult priestess, Bates puts a pig’s head on a man and roasts him over a fire. 

But appearing next to Bates, hunched and wild-eyed, adorned with a crown of antlers, smeared with the ashes of a thousand ritual sacrifices and draped in what might be a burlap sack is ― maybe, at long last, just maybe ― Lady Gaga. 

At least, that’s what fans across the internet believe. 

We’ll have to wait to find out for sure.

“American Horror Story: Roanoke” airs at 10 p.m. Wednesdays on FX.



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