Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' Covered By Chinese Elderly Choir (VIDEO)

WATCH: Lady Gaga Gets Unlikely Tribute

Countless performers have already tried to mimic Lady Gaga's cutting-edge sound and style, but now, one of the most unusual tributes to the "Mother Monster" is burning up the blogosphere.

An elderly citizen's choir in China took to the stage of Hunan Television's Mid-Autumn Festival Gala to perform a spirited cover of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance," complete with a bizarre dollhouse-looking set and dance moves which recall the "Macarena."

The choir apparently also took some liberty with the lyrics. As Shanghaiist is reporting, the chorus' lead-in has been changed to "So busy/Busy, busy, busy/So busy" instead of the usual "I want your love/Love, love, love/I want your love" refrain.

Check out the performance below:

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