Lady Gaga Bad Romance VIDEO: Vodka-Drinking Sims In Lace, Heels Recreate Music Video

Lady Gaga told MTV her Bad Romance music video was the product of her "weirdest and most psychotic ideas."

The already wild video--which includes charred skeletons, the Russian mafia, and wicked supermodels--just got even stranger: it's been taken over by Sims.

YouTube user SleepyBum682 has created a frame-by-frame copy of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance music video, made entirely out of Sims.

Accoring to SleepyBum682's post, multiple Sims users helped out with the video, assisting to create different parts of Gaga's outfit, sets, hairstyles, and more. (For example, SleepyBum682 credits Serkiro for "the "Alexander McQueen" hair. I just remeshed it and recolored it.")

See the Sims version of Bad Romance, and Lady Gaga's original video, below.


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