Lady Gaga Reached The Edge Of Glory On The Back Of Bradley Cooper's Motorcycle

Juda-as! Juda-ah-as?

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are apparently friends who ride motorcycles together, but all we're getting from these photos is a traumatic flashback to the "Born This Way" album cover. 

Seriously, how did we as a culture allow this to happen? 

Oh my god, my eyes. 
Oh my god, my eyes. 

On Friday night, the unlikely duo were photographed on Cooper's motorcycle in Santa Monica on their way to dinner at Giorgio Baldi restaurant. The two arrived in leather jackets and biker helmets on the "Silver Linings Playbook" actor's Ducati bike. 

(Side note: If there's a more sacred space on earth than the back of Bradley Cooper's motorcycle, please let us know in the comments below.)

Vroom, vroom. 
Vroom, vroom. 

They were also spotted leaving the establishment together. Cooper expertly hid his face from the paps using a trick out of the ol' Leonardo DiCaprio celeb-in-disguise book -- wearing large aviator shades and a baseball cap to avoid onlookers. 

Leat-her go home.
Leat-her go home.

If we had to guess why these two were spending time together, it would have to be Cooper's long-gestating "A Star Is Born" remake. He is set to direct the classic story but has had trouble finding a leading lady. Rumors swirled last year that Beyoncé might just be that "star," but Cooper later denied her involvement, calling the reports "just a rumor."

Bey probably picked up the telephone and called Gaga like a collector because without her this might be a disaster. 



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