Lady Gaga Sends Anti-Gay Bullying Video To Toronto Student (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga gave one Canadian teen an extra special, pre-Christmas surprise by taping a video in support of his anti-bullying campaign.

The pop diva and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights advocate e-mailed the video message to 17-year-old Jacques St. Pierre, who has organized school assemblies and gathered no-bullying pledges from students at the Etobicoke School of the Arts in Toronto.

"I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you for being such a strong advocate of the LGBT community in your school," Lady Gaga, who has repeatedly vowed to make bullying illegal, says in the clip. "There should be more little monsters like you. My father always saves all the fan letters that I receive and I read yours and wanted to send this video to you. It is important that we push the boundaries of love and acceptance."

St. Pierre confessed to being dumbfounded after receiving the e-mail. "I watched it, and I started crying," he said. "It's kind of embarrassing because I love her so much. I couldn't believe it."

Watch the clip below: