Lady Gaga Cutting Off Awkward Exchange With Caitlyn Jenner Inspires New Exit Line

Twitter is buzzing about a video shot at Elton John’s Oscar party in which the “House of Gucci” star masterfully delivered the line: “I switched baristas.”

It’s “new phone, who dis?” for real life.

Lady Gaga and Caitlyn Jenner were filmed having a hilariously brief conversation at the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s 30th annual Academy Awards Viewing Party on Sunday night.

BBC correspondent Bahman Kalbasi, who shot the video, very graciously posted the footage to Twitter the same night. But because everyone was completely preoccupied with another Oscars story, it didn’t get much attention at first.

Still, once other Twitter users began to add subtitles to the video, the awkward exchange about Starbucks quickly picked up steam online.

In the video, Jenner tells the “House of Gucci” star that she hasn’t seen Gaga at their local Starbucks in a while. Gaga’s reply is loaded with subtext:

“Well, I switched baristas.”

The “Born This Way” singer then gracefully flees the interaction.

People on Twitter immediately picked up on the not-so-subtle facial expressions and body language Gaga displayed, which seem to indicate that she really wanted to kill that convo as quickly as possible.

Some Twitter users declared “I switched baristas” their new exit line — but others, below, had very funny reactions as well.

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