Lady Gaga's 'Cake': Singer Releases New Teaser Clip Of NSFW Video Shot By Terry Richardson

Lady Gaga has released another scandalous teaser for "Cake," her upcoming video shot by Terry Richardson.

The video shows Gaga in lingerie, writhing around in a pile of cake while lip-syncing a rap verse. The screen reads "TERRY RICHARDSON XX LADY GAGA," but the oversexualized nature of the video suggests that it should read "XXX." The video closes with Gaga topless in a sheer thong, booty popping in a hot tub.

Gaga teased a first clip of "Cake" last week, tweeting the link to her fans before her concert in Buenos Aires on Friday.

The singer also tweeted her own take on "cake."

The story of "Cake" began on Sept. 19 when DJ White Shadow, who was a producer on Gaga's "Born This Way" album, tweeted "I just made this TRAP s---, so I am going to put it on my soundcloud. Then I am going to give everyone a couple hrs to make a song... You send it back to me and I will put the best one back out for everyone to hear... What do you think?...You take your computer and rap into it, and I will put out the best one! You all have garage band no? Me and @TaraSavelo are going to judge." Soon after, he tweeted, "Extra bonus points for whoever writes a song about @ladygaga."

After announcing that he had found "the one" and telling Lady Gaga that she "must hear it," DJ White Shadow posted the completed track on SoundCloud under the title "Trap AKA Cake," with a description reading "Cake like Lady Gaga."

"Cake" first debuted at the Mugler runway show in Paris in September. Gaga also performed part of the song at her "Born This Way Ball" in Barcelona, and the entire track as an encore at her show in Rio de Janeiro.

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