Meet Your New Best Friend, Lady Gaga's Celebrity Doll

Gaga's gone Barbie.
Play with me. 
Play with me. 

We're all Gaga girls, in a Gaga world / Life in couture, it's ... ugh, nevermind. Nothing rhymes with couture, we give up.  

On Friday, Mattel announced that the toy company will produce a limited-edition Lady Gaga celebrity doll as part of the Monster High doll line. Considering she wears a different head-to-toe look on the daily, it's no surprise that there's a demand to dress Gaga up in the fiercest fashions of today. 

Designed by Mother Monster herself and her costume designer sister, Natali Germanotta, the doll will share a likeness with Gaga and capture her unapologetic essence that encourages girls and boys to embrace what makes them unique. 

To celebrate the announcement and the first partnership between Monster High and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, the #KindMonsters movement will launch tomorrow to inspire Gaga's fans to create a kinder and more accepting world. All proceeds will go to the Born This Way Foundation. 

We don't have an image of the doll for you just yet, but we do have an outline of what the doll will look like. 

The outline of Lady Gaga's Monster High doll.
The outline of Lady Gaga's Monster High doll.

The doll won't hit shelves until this fall, so there's no better time to start crafting a mini-meat dress. 

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