Lady Gaga Was Hit On Head At Concert And Apparently It's Part Of A New Tradition

The object thrown at the singer by a fan appears to be a popular stuffed doll.
Lady Gaga performs on stage during Chromatica Ball tour in London.
Lady Gaga performs on stage during Chromatica Ball tour in London.
Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

Lady Gaga truly has a poker face.

Over the weekend, a concert-goer at the pop icon’s Toronto show for her Chromatica Ball tour posted a video of the singer getting whacked in the head by a flying plushie while she was performing “Hold My Hand” from the “Top Gun: Maverick” soundtrack.

Gaga remained professional during the incident and continued with her song as if it never happened.

“How do some fans think this is OK... this is so dangerous and sad,” the Twitter user who posted the video wrote.

A Lady Gaga fan account backed up the original poster’s concern, writing:

“This not only is dangerous to Gaga, but items may also catch on fire in the jets as well and cause damage.”

There’s a joke conspiracy theory floating around the internet that Gaga’s surrounded by an invisible protective forcefield onstage to protect her from flying objects. It’s unclear the reason someone pelted a plushie at the “Shallow” singer.

But a fan testing out this theory doesn’t seem to be the reason why the doll was thrown at her.

It seems the reason may be linked to a new concert tradition meant to show appreciation for the performing artist.

Thanks to sleuthing social media users — who may have tracked down the fan who threw the toy — the plushie seems to be a stuffed Dr. Simi doll.

Dr. Simi is the mascot of the Mexican pharmacy chain Farmacias Similares, and it’s a distinctly beloved Mexican symbol. Mexican fans have reportedly been throwing the doll at artists performing on stage since 2021, per the Mexican daily newspaper El Financiero, translated by HuffPost. It first began when a fan at a concert for Norwegian singer Aurora threw the doll onto the stage, Aurora took the plushie and hugged it in a sweet moment. Since then, the doll has been thrown to acts like Coldplay, The Killers and 5 Seconds of Summer.

The fan who threw the Dr. Simi stuffie at Gaga seemed to out himself online.

He posted a video holding the toy while the song “Hold My Hand” can be heard in the background. He also posted photos of the doll, which has the phrase “Mexico loves you” written on it.

According to his posts, the alleged doll-launcher tweeted:

“Out of nerves, I didn’t record when I threw it, haha, sorry.”

When another Twitter user pointed out how it could’ve been a fire hazard, the doll-launcher responded that he tried not to throw it too far, and had no intention of hitting Gaga.

HuffPost reached out to him for more information, but did not receive an immediate response.

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