Lady Gaga Cleavage Makes A Sexy Appearance In South Korea (PHOTOS)

Lady Gaga isn't exactly shy about showing off her body. Girl's worn a dress made of meat and stuffed her boobs into spiked leather. Also, everyone in the Western hemisphere has seen her nipples at some point, right?

But for all of the Gaga's revealing outfits, she rarely dresses straight-up Hollywood sexy, a la Kim Kardashian or Scarlett Johansson. Until now, that is, when photogs spotted the pop star in South Korea wearing an atypical outfit for her: a slinky Atelier Versace cream-colored gown with a neckline cut down to there.

Gaga topped off the couture ensemble with a pretty white mask.

There's more couture in the future for Lady Gaga. Her "Born This Way Ball" tour begins on April 27 in Seoul, for which she'll be wearing custom-made Giorgio Armani costumes.

See photos of Lady Gaga's plunging neckline below!

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