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Lady Gaga Gets Reinvented by Italian <em>Vogue</em> (PHOTOS, POLL)

11/15/2010 03:57pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Vogue Italia thinks that Lady Gaga has been a little too outrageous with her fashion statements of late. So the glossy's fashion editor Enrica Ponzellini put together some more sensible and understated (read: wearable) style choices based on the pop star's absurd, costume-like daily threads.

Check out Lady Gaga's original ensembles at left and Italian Vogue's revised version of that kooky Gaga fashion sense that has made headlines for involving raw meat and high heels that defy gravity on the right. Do you prefer Lady Gaga with her natural freak on or Vogue Italia style?

Lady Gaga Gets Reinvented By Italian Vogue