Lady Gaga Goes Bald For 'Hair' Performance On Paul O'Grady Show (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga Goes Bald; Why Is She Changing?

With the caveat that Lady Gaga is an entire context unto herself, there's something more simple and streamlined about the pop superstar these days, making her more approachable, and sometimes, even relatable. Of course, wearing dresses made of Kermit the Frogs and meat set a high, nearly unsustainable bar for abstract weirdness, but still, for the most part, it does seems that there is something more human about the Fame Monster.

Aside from her adventure in church-bating Catholic imagery, in which she cast herself as a lover of Judas, both Gaga's music and message have cast her in a more gentle light. Simpler dance beats to her singles and a new, straight-played video for her song "Edge of Glory," mark her artistic statements, while her public statements have put her even further into the mainstream arena as a lover of all souls.

With her "Born This Way" single and publicity campaign, Gaga has signaled again that she seeks to win, for herself and every other misunderstood soul, a normal, accepted human existence, regardless of gender or creed or, especially, sexuality. Her passionate speeches for LGBT rights, as well as her non-stop inspirational tweets, place her at least in the close exurbs of the mainstream, stripped bare of at least some of her eccentricities in favor of sincerity.

In that vein of stripping down from pretense to prove that she's human, Lady Gaga went bald in a "Paul O'Grady Show" performance for her stripped down new song, "Hair." Perhaps it is only a fashion statement, but given the song title, it's unlikely, as she filled her piano top with wigs and took her own piece off halfway through. Perhaps she's saying something about shedding that skin, that costume, that barrier that she created with all of her vaunted costumes -- at least so that people know what she is inside before putting it back on.

The lyrics provide hints about that struggle; it seems that she's trying to prove that her hair, her costumes, her persona are normal. So by taking it off, showing the world her insides, she's proving her mainstream credentials, while still maintaining her built-up image.

I just wanna be myself,
And I want you to love me for who I am
I just wanna be myself,
And I want you to know, I am my hair

I’ve had enough
I’m not a freak
I must keep fighting to stay cool on the streets


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