Lady GaGa Has Told Her Female Fans To Be Celibate. Is It Any of Her Business?

Oh no. Another celebrity is telling us what to do.

This time it's Lady GaGa. Somewhat unbelievably, the 23-year-old pop sensation, famous for her pants-free onstage cavortings, has warned against the dangers of casual sex.

Speaking at a function for AIDs charities in London yesterday she said that young women should be careful choosing partners to have sex with.

" If you can't get to know them, you shouldn't have sex with them, " she said.

She also urged girls to carry condoms and get regular AIDs checks.

"You are not invincible," she added.

Fair enough, you might say. It seems like decent advice. Well yes it does, but that is an accident.

What Lady GaGa is really saying is: I am celibate so you must be too.
"I'm single because I don't have the time," she explained. "You know what? It's OK. Even Lady GaGa can be celibate."

This is in fact simply meglomania disguised as social concern. If Lady GaGa decides to resume her bisexual habits would she recommend that too?

I have interviewed many famous people and they were all different. But not one of them had a monopoly on how best to live your life. Quite the reverse -- a great many of them were, no surprise here, very insecure people.

It is a trait amongst the clueless, to immediately recommend for humanity the small life lesson that they have only just learned.

At best it's infuriating, at worst you end up with Sarah Palin.

My rule of thumb: whatever celebrities tell you to do, do the opposite.

Happy shagging.

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