Lady Gaga's Heels Make Us Nervous (PHOTO)

Shouldn't you be recovering, Mother Monster!?

Lady Gaga was spotted wearing sky-high heels while out and about in New York City on May 15. Now, normally this choice of footwear wouldn't be too surprising for the 27-year-old pop star, but since she is technically still recovering from a painful hip injury, we're not sure the lace up, platform ankle boots were the right decision.

Gaga underwent surgery in February to deal with a labral tear on her right hip. She was forced to cancel the remaining dates on her Born This Way tour and was required to take six months off -- doctor's orders. Not to mention, she used a wheelchair to get around for the past three months or so.

Still it appears Gaga is done with the walking aid and ready to slip back into her fashion-forward shoes.

See Gaga teeter in her high heels below:

lady gaga heels



Lady Gaga