Lady Gaga In Armani For Thanksgiving

Gaga For Armani: Check Out What Gaga Is Wearing For Thanksgiving

Courtesy of Giorgio Armani

Look what just came across my desk--an image of what Lady Gaga is wearing for her Thanksgiving spectacular--a look from Giorgio Armani's fall collection. The 77-years young, uber-trim (and overly-tanned) designer is known for slick, elegant pantsuits--think Richard Gere in "American Gigolo" or Cate Blanchett at the Tony Awards. In the same vein, I usually wear a conservative skirt-and-top jobby for Thanksgiving with my family, but obvs Gaga isn't going to go down that road. So what do you imagine The Lady Herself will don for the family dinner? A studded thong while carving the turkey? Nipple pasties with the pumpkin pie? Well, here it is. Is it what you expected? Nah, me neither. But I am sure her team will style it up for shock value (strategically placed cutouts, perhaps?). Check out some of her past looks courtesy of Mr.Armani below and tell me, which is your favorite?

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