How I Became the Target of the 'Fashion Police'

The time has come for me to talk about fashion, since my "giant hair bow" has been the subject of much online debate! But in all honesty, as crazy as it was, I had no idea it would cause such a stir! I am certainly not complaining -- it's been amazing. Of course, I was trying to make a statement on my first big red carpet event in Hollywood. This was a huge deal for me, I won't lie. My Facebook counts are on the up and up and I have loads of new Twitter followers, so it's all good. But isn't it interesting to notice how, with this wonderful thing that is social media, we have an abundance of instant fashion critics? What qualifications do these guys and girls have to assume such a role? Not much -- and I do exclude the fashion editors here. But yet they log on, sign up and can be brutal and very harsh, to say the least.

I have been brought up in household where laughter has been my parent's cure for most dramas, and it worked a treat this week. Since I haven't been in the public eye long, I am starting to go through what many actors and singers go through all the time -- having your personal sense of style up for public dissection. I was warned by both of my parents, so I was ready for the most part. But when US Weekly invited people to write a "snippy one-liner for singer Tallia Storm," I though "Wow, that's awesome." Now US Weekly knows who I am and so will the rest of America -- how cool!

And thus it began. "That is one present no one wants to open," said one commentator. "Looks like her stylist bowed out of this one," said another. "I haven't seen that much hair since Kim K's last waxing appointment," added another (Yes, a wee bit vulgar). Then there was the spate of stereotypical one-liners: "Lady Gaga is coming for you," "Lady Gaga called and she wants her hair back"... and on it went.

In the hotel room with my sister, brothers and family, we laughed -- in fact, we roared. We really did. People now know there's a storm brewing and she's coming by the name of Tallia! As the old saying goes, sticks and stones, blah blah and then, hurrah -- the heavens opened and there was a flood of really cool one-liners coming to my rescue! My personal favourites are "Bowtannia Rules -- the Brits are taking over Hollywood Style," "Superbow XLVI -- Tallia Storm triumphs on the red carpet in Hollywood," "Bowdelicious" and more.

So I have to thank my friend Lou Clave in Glasgow who designed the bow, which had a case all of its own for the trip. But I must warn you, it's not over yet. In addition to singing, I just love to dress up -- always have and always will. I don't have a ream of stylists. In fact, I must give due credit to my 15-year-old sister who is obsessed with fashion and my mother, who is in fashion PR in Scotland. She has encouraged me to support young designers (she's passionate about that), so I do. My sis Tessie prepared loads of mood boards for our trip. Imagine it: two sisters working out what to take on the trip of a lifetime to sing and perform in the US -- it was surreal, magic actually, what fun we had. So it's only going to get more adventurous, folks. When we play dress up, we really go to town, and why not? Who wants to blend in?

I was asked countless times where I got the inspiration. From magazines, advertising, art, and most importantly, my mood. Who wants to fade into obscurity? Not me! "Shouldn't it just be about the singing?" I was asked. Of course it should, but that's not the way it works. Me, you, all of us, we want more nowadays. If all I have to do is place a gigantic bow on my head for you guys to listen to my songs, then I have succeeded -- boom! Because yes, singing is my passion and it fuels my total being. It's where it's at for me.

So yes, there is a "storm warning," as one quipped, but rest assured that the storm is building strength and intends to stick around for quite some time. So fashion critics -- at least you'll be kept busy!

Tallia Storm