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Lady Gaga Meat Corset Is The Latest Way To Wear Carcasses (PHOTOS)

Despite being dead to begin with, Lady Gaga's meat dress is the one dress that will never die. The original, complete with chunky meat-encased ankle boots and a meaty headpiece, debuted at the 2010 MTV VMAs and pretty much shocked us all. Gaga moved onto new sartorial stunts, but somehow the meat dress has stuck around.

This week, the shiny red look was back in corset form. At an August concert in Bucharest and a concert this week in Amsterdam, Gaga showed off a strapless, bottomless "meat" corset complete with a meat thong up the back.

The original, of course, was much more modest with a mullet hem that covered Gaga's whole backside. Later in September 2010 Gaga covered Vogue Japan in a sinewy meat bikini. Then this past May, Gaga performed in Tokyo wearing a fitted mini version of the beefy frock.

And just weeks ago, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame decided to include the original dress and shoes in its "Women Who Rock: Vision, Passion, Power" exhibit, now touring in Washington D.C.

With the dress version locked in a display case, Gaga's flaunting her skin (and, um, other creatures' skin) in a beefy corset. If we're being honest, we think it a much chicer way to wear one's meat -- better a taut little onesie than a flimsy mullet dress, right?

Right. See the latest addition to Gaga's carcass-y wardrobe below.

Lady Gaga's Meat Wardrobe

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