Lady Gaga Meat Dress To Become Jerky

Lady Gaga Meat Dress To Become Jerky

Yes, that was real meat after all. Franc Fernandez, the Argentinian designed of the dress made from flank steak told E! Online what would become of the already-legendary Gaga costume:

"The dress will go through a process where it becomes a sort of 'jerky' and will be archived. Thank you."

Fernandez had earlier revealed every bloody detail about the meat dress to MTV Style, explaining that he purchased 50 pounds of steak from his butcher in the San Fernando valley for the project, with "not very much" in the way of leftovers in the end.

Adding nothing to the beef in the way of preservatives, Fernandez put the dress together in a refrigerated environment, and brought it to the VMAs in a "a little cooler that I carried it in -- its own little coffin."

As far what it felt like? "It would feel like meat I suppose. It's all natural," Fernandez explained.

For photos of Gaga's meat dress, click here.

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