Lady Gaga Guest Edits Metro Newspaper, Speaks Out About Intolerance (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga showed up for her job as newspaper editor-in-chief for the day sporting a striped beehive and a strapless bra with tassels.

Reuters reports she took over Monday at the London headquarters of the global newspaper network Metro, where she joked with staff members:

"I'm sorry if my business attire is a little different."

But if anything, her out-there ensemble just fueled her important message about accepting each other's differences.

Gaga led the morning editorial meeting, speaking out about current events as well as equal rights issues. She also used her position to enlist contributors -- nominating "monsters" (as she lovingly calls her fans) as ambassadors in countries where Metro is published to write about social justice issues in their region.

In a guest editor letter, she addressed her monsters:

"I am so very honored and proud to be the editor- in-chief of Metro for the day...I wish to illuminate the powerful voices of my generation, and let them speak for themselves."

Gaga told the newspaper staff she wanted to focus on making "one statement that's really sound and direct." She called upon Metro readers to stand up for those who are ostracized and to be more accepting. She also shared with the staff the fact that she herself has been bullied -- and still feels she is to this day:

"Some of us aren't popular; some of us aren't in the in-crowd. I'm still not in the in-crowd. I still get bullied by tons of people all the time every day: the press, in my real life and people from my past. It's part of real life.'"


Click below to contribute to It Gets Better, an anti-bullying organization that Lady Gaga supports.